Appendix:Finnish conjugation/selvitä

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KOTUS type 75 (selvitä) NSK types 37 (selvitä) and 39 (haluta) Common type IV

Verbs ending with -ta/-tä; inverse consonant gradation possible.

The inflectional stem is obtained by removing the final -a/, and changing the previous consonant to its strong form. The remaining final -t- mutates to -a-/-ä-, -s-, -n- or nothing in various conjugations, leading to somewhat erratic consonant gradation.

Similar to the salata type, except that an a/ä is inserted before the conditional suffix.

Basic conjugation without consonant gradation[edit]

ends with -ta
ends with -tä

Consonant gradation[edit]


grade p → pp t → tt ∅ → k d → t mm → mp ll → lt
infinitive I weak pulputa peitota keritä muodota mmitä aallota present strong pulppuan peittoan kerkiän muotoan mpiän aaltoan past strong pulppusi peittosi kerkisi muotosi mpisi aaltosi conditional strong pulppuaisi peittoaisi kerkiäisi muotoaisi mpiäisi aaltoaisi potential weak pulpunnee peitonnee kerinnee muodonnee mminnee aallonnee imperative weak pulputkoon peitotkoon keritköön muodotkoon mmitköön aallotkoon
past participle weak pulpunnut peitonnut kerinnyt muodonnut mminnyt aallonnut
passive past weak pulputtiin peitottiin kerittiin muodottiin mmittiin aallottiin

Complete conjugation example with consonant gradation (d → t)[edit]