Appendix:Latin fifth declension

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Latin words of the fifth declension are generally of feminine gender (exceptions are dies and meridies), end in -ēs with a genitive in -ēī, and have an invariable stem.


Stem in -iēs[edit]

Citation form: diēs, -ēī m, f

Case Singular Plural
nominative diēs diēs
genitive diēī diērum
dative diēī diēbus
accusative diem diēs
ablative di·ē di·ēbus
vocative diēs diēs
locative diē diēbus

Stem in -ēs[edit]

Citation form: rēs, -eī f

Case Singular Plural
nominative r·ēs r·ēs
genitive r·eī r·ērum
dative r·eī r·ēbus
accusative r·em r·ēs
ablative r·ē r·ēbus
vocative r·ēs r·ēs
locative r·ē r·ēbus

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