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German Low German[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle Low German dūve, from Old Saxon dūƀa, from Proto-Germanic *dūbǭ. Compare Dutch duif, English dove, German Taube, West Frisian do, Danish due, Swedish duva.


Duuv f (plural Duven)

  1. (male or female) dove
  2. (male or female) pigeon
  3. Dove (constellation: Columba)

Usage notes[edit]

The spelling "Duuv" reflects an apocope of 'proper' Low German Duve. The silent E may result in a missing final obstruent devoicing in some dialects or may even still be spoken. 'Proper' in this case does not refer to a currently established standard but to an understanding of underlying phonemes. Compare the writing of famous Low German author Fritz Reuter, who rendered the word as Duw', employing the apocope but marking the silent E with an apostrophe at the same time.


Derived terms[edit]

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