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Moon +‎ -ie, after the church's founder, Sun Myung Moon.


Moonie (plural Moonies)

  1. (informal) A member of the Unification Church; a follower of its founder Sun Myung Moon[1][2]
    • 1981 July 6, Sunday Times:
      The Unification Church, or the "Moonies" as they are commonly known, have a thriving work in South Africa, with their headquarters in Hillbrow and a Moonie farm near Muldersdrift.
    • 1991, Carlton Sherwood, Inquisition: The Persecution and Prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Regnery Gateway, ISBN 9780895265326:
      I am a proud Korean – a proud Moonie – and a dedicated anti-Communist and I intend to remain so the rest of my life -Bo Hi Pak
    • 2005 July 3, Renee Watabe, “Modern Love - A Leap of Faith”, New York Times:
      We "Moonies" were willing to sacrifice personal choice to spin gold out of the raw silk of ourselves, to help create world harmony through family harmony.
    • 2009 November 23, Brooks Spector, “The Moonie church loses its grip on doctrine, money and leadership in slo-mo”, The Daily Maverick:
      The Unification Church, better known as the Moonie church and best known for its enormous mass-wedding ceremonies, is in crisis.
  2. (informal) A person who shows exceptional enthusiasm for a cause or organization, a zealot.[3][4][5]
    • 1997, Nancy Griffin, Kim Masters, Hit and Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber took Sony for a ride in Hollywood, Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0684832666, page 197:
      CAA agents were sometimes called the "Moonies" of the business, famous for walking in lock-step.
    • 2009 August 15, Henry Winter, “Manchester City's Blue Moonies have their faith rewarded”, The Daily Telegraph:
      From boardroom to terrace via the dug-out, such an evangelical zeal suffuses Manchester City's new mission that they should really be renamed the Blue Moonies.
  3. (fandom slang) A fan of the Japanese manga and anime franchise Sailor Moon.
    • 1995 12 December, Sea Wasp [username], “Re: Too Many SM/DB posts! ARRGGHH!!!”, rec.arts.anime, Usenet:
      The Moonies and the Dragonballers aren't minorities; they're as large or larger than any other group of animeniacs you're going to find.
    • 1997 3 January, thewkt [username], “Re: Sailor Moon blow-out at Kay-Bee”,, Usenet:
      Nope, you're not the only Moonie here. Unfortunately, the US Bandai figures are kinda ugly.
    • 1998 14 September, Mike Oliva, “OT Sailor Moon”,, Usenet:
      Mike- who has a Sailor Moon webpage up, carries a Sailor Moon wallet and matching coinpurse irl and is just in general a major Moonie.
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