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This template can be used to provide a quotation of lyrics from a song. If the lyrics are subject to copyright, do not quote a portion of them that is excessively long.

(The template is basically a user-friendly wrapper for {{cite meta}} and {{reference-song}}.)

Sample template[edit]

Most commonly used parameters
All available parameters


The available parameters are as follows:

  • year – the year that the song was released.
  • composer – the composer(s) of the song.
  • artist – the artist (an individual or ensemble) who performed the song, if different from the composer(s).
  • title – the title of the song.
  • url – the address of a relevant external website. Do not link to a website that has content in breach of copyright.
  • album – the title of the album in which the song first appeared.
  • passage – the lyrics of the song being quoted.
  • translation – a translation of the lyrics of the song being quoted in a different language from the original.
  • transliteration – a transliteration of the lyrics of the song being quoted, when the original uses a different writing system.
  • note – any other notes about the song.

All the parameters can contain inline interwiki or external links, as needed.