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Possibly a variant of Xenia, from Latin Xenia, from Ancient Greek ξενία (ksenía, hospitable), the assumed name of a fifth-century saint venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church, from ξένος (ksénos, stranger, guest).

The lead character in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess (1995–2001) was the inspiration for the dwarf planet's nickname and for comparisons to the character.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name of modern usage.
  2. (astronomy, obsolete, informal) Eris (dwarf planet)



Xena (plural Xenas)

  1. A tough, physical, confident woman.
    • 1999 (Dec), David Lansing, "My Neighborhood", Orange Coast Magazine, 25(12): 189
      I am raising a little Xena, a water warrior. Fierce, sure of herself.
    • 2000, Lynn Harris. Breakup Girl to the Rescue!, page 120
      How do I drill self-confidence into the illogical half of my brain. or train my logical half to become my inner Xena and shout it down?
    • 2001, Judith Arnold, Muriel Jensen, & Bobby Hutchinson, All Summer Long‎, page 148
      "Okay, Xena," he said, taking the rope from Haley and tugging the branch toward the back door. "You push, and we'll get this outside."
    • 2005, Melissa Jacobs, Lexi James and the Council of Girlfriends‎, page 78
      She is a beautiful woman, the result of a family tree that includes African and Irish blood. But there's no getting around her five-eleven frame and muscular body. The rest of her staff calls her Xena. She likes that.
    • 2006, Elaine Overton, Promises of the Heart‎, page 107
      Julian shook his head at her brazenness. "That's okay, I believe you. You are a regular Xena."