ar fad

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  • IPA(key): /ɛɾʲ ˈfˠad̪ˠ/


ar fad

  1. still (up to a time, as in the preceding time)
    An bhfuil sé beo ar fad?
    Is he still alive?
  2. all, fully
    Glaofaidh mé an mhuintir eile ar fad.
    I’ll call all the others.
    Ní drochdhuine ar fad é.
    He is not all bad.
  3. always
    Tá teach na mbocht ansin ar fad.
    There is always the workhouse.
    Is ag bisiú ar fad atá sé.
    It is getting better and better.
  4. quite, clean (to the greatest extent, fully, completely)
    Sin scéal eile ar fad.
    That is quite another thing.
    Rinne mé dearmad ar fad air.
    I clean forgot.
    a mhalairt ar fad ― quite the contrary
  5. altogether (without exception, wholly, completely)
    Tá sé lasmuigh de mo raonsa ar fad.
    It’s off my beat altogether.
  6. away (on; in continuance; without intermission or delay)
    Bhí an tine ina caor ar fad.
    The fire was blazing away.


Derived terms[edit]