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A grey-hooded attila (Attila rufus).
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attila (plural attilas)

  1. A short, fringed cape worn as part of the Hungarian traditional costume.
    • 1888, Jules Claretie, Prince Zilah[1]:
      In the Magyar costume, his heart beating more proudly under the national attila, he passed before the eyes of the peasants who had known him when a child, and had fought under his orders; and he spoke to them by name, recognizing many of his old companions in these poor people with cheeks tanned by the sun, and heads whitened by age.
    • 1898, Maurus Jokai, Debts of Honor[2]:
      As I gazed at myself in the looking-glass, I found that I should be a handsome boy when I had put on my silver-buttoned attila.
  2. Any of the tropical flycatchers of the genus Attila.
    • 1988 February 26, Jerry Sullivan, “Field & Street”, Chicago Reader:
      In the scrubby woods that cover most of the Yucatan, suboscines such as the masked tityra, the bright-rumped attila, and the boat-billed flycatcher are all common.

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