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From Khoisan (k)caros: a skin blanket, through Afrikaans.


kaross (plural karosses)

  1. A treated animal-skin cloak with the hair still left on.
    • 1996, E Hausen, Human History at the Crossroads: Where Do We Go from Here?, Bergin Garvey/Greenwood, ISBN 0897894839:
      “For the first two years, of life a baby was carried in a carrier, lined with absorbent grass, inside her kaross, (a treated animal skin made into a cape…)”
  2. A blanket of treated animal-skin with the hair left on.
    • 1992, Mark Owens, Delia Cwens, Mark Cwens, Cordelia Dykes Owens, Cry of the Kalahari, Houghton Mifflin Books, ISBN 0395647800:
      “Our bedroom had a sweeping view of the water and clean sheets and towels had been laid out for us on a kaross of jackal pelts.”