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Dutch maatje


maatje (plural maatjes)

  1. A fermented herring.
    • 1987, David Butcher, Following the fishing
      The maatje herrin' were very popular over in Germany. That was a very light cure with just a fine sprinkling o' salt.
    • 1997, John Bayley, The red hat
      ...with Charles making quite a good shot at playing the obliging husband, I seized the chance of buying and eating a maatje.


Etymology 1[edit]

diminutive of maat


maatje n (plural maatjes)

  1. short for maatjesharing, a young herring
  2. (literally) a small maat:
  3. a small size, measure etc.
  4. a young or tiny mate; also used as an informal address for a male

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Etymology 2[edit]

diminutive of ma 'mammy, mother'