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From Middle English oxegang, from Old English oxangang (an eighth of a plough-land, a hide), equivalent to ox +‎ gang.


oxgang (plural oxgangs)

  1. (archaic or Old English Law) The area of land that could be ploughed by an ox in a day; one eighth of a carucate.
  2. (archaic or Old English Law) A measure of land of uncertain quantity.
  3. (archaic, UK dialectal, Scotland) A measure of land equivalent to thirteen acres.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Land was normally ploughed with a team of eight oxen. An oxgang is roughly 13-15 acres, an eighth share of the land ploughed by an ox team in a day. The area differed by locality. In Scottish law it was about 13 acres - but this was also dependent on soil quality.


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