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Etymology 1[edit]

Shortened form of Narragansett mishcup (porgy) or its plural mishcùppaûog. The singular was also borrowed as mishcup, while another shortening of the plural yields the synonym paugie.[1] The full word was borrowed as scuppaug.

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scup (plural scup or scups)

  1. A fish, Stenotomus chrysops; the porgy.
    • 1995, “sheepshead”, entry in Percy Russell, Anita Williams, The Nutrition and Health Dictionary, page 391,
      A saltwater fish, a cousin of porgies and scups. The sheepshead has large, broad incisor teeth, much like a sheep.
    • 2006, Alice Jane Lippson, Robert L. Lippson, Life in the Chesapeake Bay, page 276,
      Scup, in the Bay also called porgy, maiden, and fairmaid, are rather plain-looking fish — dull silver with 12 to 15 indistinct vertical stripes, flecked with light blue on their sides.
    • 2007 August 8, Brett Martin, “First a Hook, Then Ink: An Artist’s Catch”, New York Times:
      On a lark, he took a small scup, or porgy, and a stamp pad and demonstrated how to make a print.

Etymology 2[edit]

Dutch schop


scup (plural scups)

  1. (US, dialect) A swing.

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