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%age (plural %ages)

  1. Abbreviation of percentage.
    • 1995 May 9, The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get, “Rockets' Chances Against Phoenix”, in rec.sport.basketball.pro[1] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-06-18:
      2) His shooting %age goes up about .015 in the playoffs; that'll increase after last series' numbers are figured in.
      3) His rebounding (won't be true this season), free-throw %age (won't be true this season), blocks, and assists/game go up in the playoffs.
    • 1996 March 29, Michael Zarlenga, “12th grade math standards”, in alt.politics.clinton[2] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-06-18:
      Ann's free-throw %age using her old method is 60%. Using a new method she makes 9 of her first 10 attempts. Is the new method better than the old? (Hint: "advanced statistical formula must be used.")
    • 1996 April 4, Ted Roberts, “ORLANDO: This Team Makes Me Sick!!!!”, in alt.sports.basketball.nba.orlando-magic[3] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-06-18:
      His career free-throw %age is higher than Wilt Chamberlain's
    • 2001 June 24, David Spera, “Makes with high %age of manuals?”, in rec.autos.driving[4] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-06-18:
    • 2006 February 20, Declan Shanaghy, “[hylafax-users] high %age of international faxes fail”, in fa.hylafax[5] (Usenet), retrieved 2022-06-18: