'tis the season

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From the popular Christmas song, Deck the Halls, written in 1862.


'tis the season

  1. Indicating that it is the time of year around Christmas, and that things associated with that time period are happening or likely to happen.
    • 2001, David Kranes, The National Tree, page 278:
      Anyway, ‛tis the season, and apropos of that and this particular evening's events, here we are.
    • 2008, Lori L. Conrad, Missy Matthews, Cheryl Zimmerman, Put Thinking to the Test, p. 6:
      Training kids to perform a series of academic stunts in sixty-minute time slots makes me cringe. But ‛tis the season, so let the testing begin.
    • 2012 Marcia Aldrich, Companion to an Untold Story, p. 138:
      Dear Marcia, According to television advertising, ‛tis the season, so Merry Christmas!