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Aphetic form of universe.


'verse (plural 'verses)

  1. (fandom slang) The (fictional) universe in which the TV series Firefly is set.
    • 2006 August 22, “Life in the 'verse AFTER the BDM”, in alt.tv.firefly, Usenet[1]:
      How has the landscape of the 'verse changed? Was there a toppling of the Alliance government?
    • 2007, Joy Davidson, The Psychology of Joss Whedon: An Unauthorized Exploration of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly[2], page 51:
      In the dystopian Firefly ‘verse, the government itself is “antisocial.”
    • 2007, Corey Bridges, The Virtual ‘Verse, in Jane Espenson (editor), Serenity Found: More Unauthorized Essays on Joss Whedon's Firefly Universe,
      Happily, it's a fun ‘verse for a journey. It's no accident that Joss Whedon built Firefly with the elements of a great MMOG.
    • 2008, K. Dale Koontz, Faith and Choice in the Works of Joss Whedon[3], page 160:
      In the Firefly/Serenity ‘verse (as in ours), unstable teenage girls are not supposed to be able to kill three men with three shots.
  2. Clipping of universe.