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From ērts (comfortable, convenient) +‎ -ība.


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ērtība f (4th declension)

  1. comfort, convenience (quality or state of that which is comfortable, convenient)
    mūsu rezidentu ērtība ir mūsu prioritātethe comfort, convenience of our residents is our priority
    projektējot jauno sporta bāzi, daudz domāts par sportistu ērtībām un higiēnuwhile planning the new sports center, a lot of thought was given to the athletes' comfort and hygiene
  2. comfort, convenience (something which provides comfort or convenience, which is comfortable or convenient)
    dzīvoklis ar visām ērtībāman apartment with every convenience
    dzīves ērtības nepadara cilvēku sliktākuthe comforts of life don't make a person worse

Usage notes[edit]

The plural forms are more often used than the singular ones in all senses; the singular forms, however, do sometimes occur.