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œconomically (comparative more œconomically, superlative most œconomically)

  1. Obsolete spelling of economically
    • 1790, Account of the late Mr. Ledyard ; from “ Proceedings of the Society for promoting the Discovery of the interior parts of Africa, from The Annual Register, Volume XXXIV, Characters, page 23:
      He uſed ſtill to ride about the country on one of theſe mares—but then he rode her very œconomically ; on the ſoft turf adjoining the road, without putting himſelf to the expence of ſhoes—as he obſerved, “ The turf was ſo pleaſant to a horſe’s foot !” And when any gentleman called to pay him a viſit, and the boy who attended in the ſtables was profuſe enough to put a little hay before his horſe, old Elwes would ſlily ſteal back into the ſtable, and take the hay very carefully away.