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œcumenical (not comparable)

  1. Alternative spelling of ecumenical
    • 1843: William Andrew Hammond, The Definitions of Faith: And Canons of Discipline of the Six œcumenical Councils, with the Remaining Canons of the Code of the Universal Church: Together with the Apostolical Canons: to which are Added the Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiastical of the Church of England, and of the Protestant […], title +1844 (J. A. Sparks)
    • 1893: Church Club of New York, The Six œcumenical Councils of the Undivided Catholic Church: Lectures Delivered in 1893 Under the Auspices of the Church Club of New York, title (E. & J.B. Young)
    • 1976: Maximos, The Œcumenical Patriarchate in the Orthodox Church: A Study in the History and Canons of the Church, title (Patriarchal Institute for Patristic Studies)

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