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Borrowed from German Linse in 1870s (earlier attested once in 1847 with the sense 'lentiform shape'), from Middle High German linse (lentil), from Old High German linsa, likely a borrowing from an unidentified source.

Compare Latin lēns, Lithuanian lęšis, and Old Church Slavonic лѧща (lęšta) sounding too similar for a coincidence, however different enough to prohibit reconstruction of a common PIE protoform.

If ultimately a non-IE loanword, locating the source is virtually impossible because cultivation of lentil was widespread in the region since the Neolithic.



ли́нза (línzaf inan (genitive ли́нзы, nominative plural ли́нзы, genitive plural линз)

  1. lens (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it)


Derived terms[edit]