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може ‎(móže)

  1. Third-person singular present indicative form of мога.



може ‎(možeimpf

  1. (transitive) to be able


Usage notes[edit]

  • This verb is used to denote capability unrelated to knowledge or skill. To express the notion of being able to in the sense of knowing how to, "знае" is used. Hence, "можам да пливам" doesn't mean that the speaker has acquired the skill of swimming but something such as not being too tired or injured to swim (for example).
  • This verb generally isn't used with verbs related to the sense. Hence, "I can see" is often simply "гледам" rather than "можам да гледам" (the latter is also acceptable, but may imply something else, such as that seeing is a possible option rather than that one has good vision or a good line of sight).