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пол- (pol-)

  1. Alternative form of полу- (polu-)
  2. (takes ordinal adjective in genitive case, produces compound nouns) half past[1]
    полвторо́гоpolvtoróvohalf past one
    полтре́тьегоpoltrétʹjevohalf past two
    полчетвёртогоpolčetvjórtovohalf past three
    полпя́тогоpolpjátovohalf past four (literally, “half of the fifth”)
    полшесто́гоpolšestóvohalf past five
    полседьмо́гоpolsedʹmóvohalf past six
    полвосьмо́гоpolvosʹmóvohalf past seven
    полдевя́тогоpoldevjátovohalf past eight
    полдеся́тогоpoldesjátovohalf past nine
    полоди́ннадцатогоpolodínnadcatovohalf past ten
    полдвена́дцатогоpoldvenádcatovohalf past eleven
    полтрина́дцатогоpoltrinádcatovohalf past twelve

Usage notes[edit]

  • This prefix always receives secondary stress and its vowel is never reduced.
  • ^ §1193 of Грамматика русского языка, volume 1