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From Proto-Indo-Iranian *átharwā (priest); ultimate origin unknown. Some scholars suggest that it derives from a BMAC substratum.


अथर्वन् (átharvanm

  1. a priest who has to do with fire and Soma

Proper noun[edit]

अथर्वन् (Átharvanm

  1. name of the priest who is said to have been the first to institute the worship of fire and offer Soma and prayers (he is represented as a Prajāpati, as Brahmā's eldest son, as the first learner and earliest teacher of the Brahma-vidyā, as the author of the Atharva-veda, as identical with Aṅgiras, as the father of Agni, etc.)
  2. name of Śiva, Vasishṭha

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