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Alternative forms[edit]


Vṛddhi-derivation of अदिति (áditi-) +‎ -अ (-a).



आदित्य (ādityá-)

  1. belonging to or coming from Aditi


आदित्य (ādityá-m

  1. name of seven deities of the heavenly sphere RV. ix, 114, 3, &c. ṠBr. iii, 1, 3, 3 (the chief is वरुण, to whom the name आदित्य is especially applicable ; the succeeding five are मित्र, अर्यमन्, भग, दक्ष, अंश ; that of the seventh is probably सूर्य or सवितृ ; as a class of deities they are distinct from the विश्वे देवाः ChUp. ; sometimes their number is supposed to be eight TS. Sāy. ; and in the period of the ब्राह्मणs twelve, as representing the sun in the twelve months of the year ṠBr. iv, 5, 7, 2, &c.)