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कुरु (kurum

  1. (plural) Name of a people of India and of their country (situated near the country of the पञ्चालs; hence often connected with पञ्चाल or पञ्चाल [see कुरु-पञ्च्° below]: the उत्तर-कुरवः, or उत्तराः कुरवः are the northern कुरुs, the most northerly of the four महा-द्वीपs or principal divisions of the known world [distinguished from the दक्षिणाः कुरवः or southern कुरुs], by other systems regarded as one of the nine divisions or वर्षs of the same; it was probably a country beyond the most northern range of the हिमालय, often described as a country of everlasting happiness, and considered by some to be the ancient home of the Aryan race)
  2. Name of the ancestor of the कुरुs (son of संवरण and तपती, daughter of the sun; कुरु is the ancestor of both पाण्डु and धृतराष्ट्र, though the patronymic derived from his name is usually applied only to the sons of the latter, the sons and descendants of the former being called पाण्डवs)
  3. Name of a son of आग्नीध्र and grandson of प्रिय-व्रत.
  4. boiled rice.
  5. the plant Solanum jacquini (= कण्टकारिका) L.


कुरु (kuruf

  1. a princess of the कुरु race (compare कौरव, etc.)


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