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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Indo-European *ténh₂us ‎(thin). Cognates include Latin tenuis, Ancient Greek τανυ- ‎(tanu-) and Old English þynne (English thin).


तनु ‎(tanú)

  1. thin, slender, attenuated, emaciated, small, little, minute, delicate, fine
  2. (said of a speech or hymn) accomplished (in metre)

Etymology 2[edit]

Variety of तनू ‎(tanū́), from Proto-Indo-European *tenuh₂- ‎(body).


तनुस् ‎(tanúsm, f

  1. body, person, self
    दुष्टनु ‎(duṣ-ṭanu) — having an ugly body
    प्रियतनु ‎(priyá-tanu) — loving the body, loving life
  2. (at the end of a compound) the body, person, self
    स्वका तनु ‎(svakā tanu) — one's own person
    इयं तनुर् मम ‎(iyaṃ tanur mama) — this my self. i.e. I myself here
    tanuṃ-√tyaj or tanuṃ-√hā — to give up one's life


तनु ‎(tanúm

  1. form or manifestation
  2. skin
  3. = तनुगृह ‎(tanu-gṛha)
  4. Desmodium gangeticum
  5. Balanites roxburghii
  6. (poetry) a metre of 4 24 syllables

Proper noun[edit]

तनु ‎(Tanúm

  1. name of a rishi with a very emaciated body
  2. name of a wife of Krishna