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From Proto-Indo-European *terh₂- (to cross over). Cognates include Ancient Greek τέρθρον (térthron), Latin terminus, Old English þurh (through). More at through.


तरति (tárati) (class 1 present, root तॄ)

  1. to pass across or over, cross over (a river), sail across
  2. to float, swim
  3. to get through, attain an end or aim, live through (a definite period), study to the end
  4. to fulfill, accomplish, perform
  5. to surpass, overcome, subdue, escape
  6. to acquire, gain
  7. to contend, compete
  8. to carry through or over, save
  9. (causative) to carry or lead over or
  10. (causative) to cause to arrive at
  11. (causative) to rescue, save, liberate from (+ ablative)
  12. (desiderative) to wish to cross or reach by crossing
  13. (intensive) to reach the end by passing or running or living through


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