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From Proto-Indo-European *déh₃tōr (giver, donor), from the root *deh₃- (to give) (whence also Sanskrit ददाति (dadāti)). Cognates include Ancient Greek δώτωρ (dṓtōr)/δωτήρ (dōtḗr) and Latin dator.


दातृ (dā́tṛm

  1. giver, donor, liberal
  2. one who gives a daughter (gen.) in marriage
  3. a father or brother who gives a daughter or sister in marriage
  4. one who offers (his wife)
  5. creditor
  6. granting, permitting
  7. founder
  8. mowing, mower


Masculine ṛ-stem declension of दातृ
Nom. sg. दाता (dātā)
Gen. sg. दातुः (dātuḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative दाता (dātā) दातारौ (dātārau) दातारः (dātāraḥ)
Vocative दातर् (dātar) दातारौ (dātārau) दातारः (dātāraḥ)
Accusative दातारम् (dātāram) दातारौ (dātārau) दातॄन् (dātṝn)
Instrumental दात्रा (dātrā) दातृभ्याम् (dātṛbhyām) दातृभिः (dātṛbhiḥ)
Dative दात्रे (dātre) दातृभ्याम् (dātṛbhyām) दातृभ्यः (dātṛbhyaḥ)
Ablative दातुः (dātuḥ) दातृभ्याम् (dātṛbhyām) दातृभ्यः (dātṛbhyaḥ)
Genitive दातुः (dātuḥ) दात्रोः (dātroḥ) दातॄणाम् (dātṝṇām)
Locative दातरि (dātari) दात्रोः (dātroḥ) दातृषु (dātṛṣu)


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