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Alternative forms[edit]


दृढ (dr̥ḍha)

  1. steadfast, firm, rigid
  2. strong, adamant, staunch
  3. hefty, sinewy
  4. resolute, determined, tenacious
  5. hard-and-fast, dyed-in-the-wool
  6. difficult to be bent or broken


दृढ (dr̥ḍhan

  1. iron
  2. stronghold, fortress
  3. anything fixed, firm, or solid


Neuter a-stem declension of दृढ
Nom. sg. दृढम् (dṛḍham)
Gen. sg. दृढस्य (dṛḍhasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative दृढम् (dṛḍham) दृढे (dṛḍhe) दृढानि (dṛḍhāni)
Vocative दृढ (dṛḍha) दृढे (dṛḍhe) दृढानि (dṛḍhāni)
Accusative दृढम् (dṛḍham) दृढे (dṛḍhe) दृढानि (dṛḍhāni)
Instrumental दृढेन (dṛḍhena) दृढाभ्याम् (dṛḍhābhyām) दृढैः (dṛḍhaiḥ)
Dative दृढा (dṛḍhā) दृढाभ्याम् (dṛḍhābhyām) दृढेभ्यः (dṛḍhebhyaḥ)
Ablative दृढात् (dṛḍhāt) दृढाभ्याम् (dṛḍhābhyām) दृढेभ्यः (dṛḍhebhyaḥ)
Genitive दृढस्य (dṛḍhasya) दृढयोः (dṛḍhayoḥ) दृढानाम् (dṛḍhānām)
Locative दृढे (dṛḍhe) दृढयोः (dṛḍhayoḥ) दृढेषु (dṛḍheṣu)