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लग् (lag)

  1. (cf. √ लक्ष्, लक्ष &c.) cl.1 P. (Dhātup. xix, 24) लगति (accord. to Nir. iv, 10 also लग्यति ; pf. ललाग Gr. ; aor. अलगीत् ib. ; fut. लगिता ib. ; लगिष्यति Pañcat. ; ind.p. लगित्वा, -लग्य Kāv.), to adhere, stick, cling or attach oneself to (loc.) MBh. Kāv. &c. (with हृदि and gen., ‘to penetrate to a person's heart’ Kathās.)
  2. to take effect upon (loc.) Ṡiṡ.
  3. to meet, come in contact, cut (as lines) Gol. Sch.
  4. to follow closely, ensue or happen immediately Kathās.
  5. to pass away (as time) Pañcat. : Caus. or cl.10. (Dhātup. xxxiii, 63) लागयति, ‘to taste’ or ‘to obtain’ ( आस्वादने, or आसादने). ([In Hindi this root often means ‘to begin.’])

Derived terms[edit]