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Borrowed from Sanskrit व्यास (vyāsa).



व्यास (vyāsm

  1. (geometry) diameter of a circle


Declension of व्यास
Singular Plural
Direct व्यास (vyās) व्यास (vyās)
Oblique व्यास (vyās) व्यासों (vyāsõ)
Vocative व्यास (vyās) व्यासो (vyāso)

Derived terms[edit]



व्यास (vyāsam

  1. width, breadth, the diameter of a circle.


Proper noun[edit]

व्यास (vyāsa?

  1. (Hinduism) ‘arranger, compiler’, N. of a celebrated mythical sage and author (often called वेद-व्यास and regarded as the original compiler and arranger of the Vedas, वेदान्त- सूत्रs &c. ; he was the son of the sage पराशर and सत्यवती, and half-brother of विचित्र-वीर्य and भीष्म ; he was also called वादरायण or बादरायण, and कृष्ण from his dark complexion, and द्वैपायन because he was brought forth by सत्यवती on a द्वीप or island in the Jumna ; when grown up he retired to the wilderness to lead the life of a hermit, but at his mother's request returned to become the husband of विचित्र-वीर्य's two childless widows, by whom he was the father of the blind धृत-राष्ट्र and of पाण्डु ; he was also the father of विदुर [q.v.] by a slave girl, and of शुक, the supposed narrator of the Bhagavata Purana, he was also the supposed compiler of the Mahabharata, the Puranas, and other portions of Hindu sacred literature ; but the name व्यास seems to have been given to any great typical compiler or author).