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From Proto-Indo-European *ḱley- (to lean). Cognate with English lean and Latin clīnō.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɕɽɐ.jɐ.t̪i/


श्रयति (śrayati) (cl.1 P. Ā. root श्रि (√śri))

  1. to cause to lean or rest on, lay on or in, fix on, fasten to, direct or turn towards, (especially) spread or diffuse (light or radiance or beauty) over (+ locative)
  2. to lean on, rest on, recline against (+ accusative), cling to (+ locative), be supported or fixed or depend on, abide in or on (+ accusative, locative or adverb)
  3. to go to, approach, resort or have recourse to (for help or refuge), tend towards (+ accusative)
  4. to go into, enter, fall to the lot or take possession of (+ accusative or locative)
  5. to attain, undergo, get into any state or condition (+ accusative)
  6. to assume
  7. to show, betray (heroism)
  8. to honour, worship


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