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From Sanskrit स्मृति (smṛ́ti). Doublet of सुरत (surat).


  • IPA(key): /smɾɪ.t̪iː/
  • (file)


स्मृति (smŕtif (Urdu spelling سمرتی)

  1. memory, recollection, remembrance
    प्राचाय की स्मृति में, आज विद्यालय बंद है।
    prācāy kī smŕti mẽ, āj vidyālay band hai.
    In memory of the principal, school is closed for today.
    Synonyms: याद (yād), सुरत (surat), स्मरण (smaraṇ)
  2. (Hinduism) smriti


Declension of स्मृति
Singular Plural
Direct स्मृति (smŕti) स्मृतियाँ (smŕtiyā̃)
Oblique स्मृति (smŕti) स्मृतियों (smŕtiyõ)
Vocative स्मृति (smŕti) स्मृतियो (smŕtiyo)


  • Platts, John T. (1884), “स्मृति”, in A dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi, and English, London: W. H. Allen & co.



स्मृति (smṛ́tif

  1. remembrance, reminiscence, thinking of or upon (+locative or compound), memory, calling to mind
    smṛtim api te na yāntthey are not even thought of
  2. memory as one of the व्यभिचारिभाव (vyabhicāri-bhāva)
  3. Memory (personified either as the daughter of दक्ष (dakṣa) and wife of अङ्गिरस् (aṅgiras) or as the daughter of धर्म (dharma) and मेधा (medhā))
  4. the whole body of sacred tradition or what is remembered by human teachers (in contradistinction to श्रुति (śruti) or what is directly heard or revealed to the rishis)
  5. the whole body of codes of law as handed down memoriter or by tradition (especially the codes of Manu Yājñavalkya and the 16 succeeding inspired lawgivers)
  6. symbolical name for the number 18 (from the 18 lawgivers above)
  7. a kind of metre
  8. of the letter 'g'
  9. desire, wish (v.l. for स्पृहा (spṛhā))


Feminine i-stem declension of स्मृति
Nom. sg. स्मृतिः (smṛtiḥ)
Gen. sg. स्मृत्याः / स्मृतेः (smṛtyāḥ / smṛteḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative स्मृतिः (smṛtiḥ) स्मृती (smṛtī) स्मृतयः (smṛtayaḥ)
Vocative स्मृते (smṛte) स्मृती (smṛtī) स्मृतयः (smṛtayaḥ)
Accusative स्मृतिम् (smṛtim) स्मृती (smṛtī) स्मृतीः (smṛtīḥ)
Instrumental स्मृत्या (smṛtyā) स्मृतिभ्याम् (smṛtibhyām) स्मृतिभिः (smṛtibhiḥ)
Dative स्मृत्यै / स्मृतये (smṛtyai / smṛtaye) स्मृतिभ्याम् (smṛtibhyām) स्मृतिभ्यः (smṛtibhyaḥ)
Ablative स्मृत्याः / स्मृतेः (smṛtyāḥ / smṛteḥ) स्मृतिभ्याम् (smṛtibhyām) स्मृतिभ्यः (smṛtibhyaḥ)
Genitive स्मृत्याः / स्मृतेः (smṛtyāḥ / smṛteḥ) स्मृत्योः (smṛtyoḥ) स्मृतीनाम् (smṛtīnām)
Locative स्मृत्याम् / स्मृतौ (smṛtyām / smṛtau) स्मृत्योः (smṛtyoḥ) स्मृतिषु (smṛtiṣu)