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From Proto-Indo-Iranian *sráwati, from Proto-Indo-European *sréw-e-ti (flow, stream), from *srew-.[1] Cognate with Parthian 𐫡𐫀𐫇𐫏𐫗𐫅 (rʾwynd, to pour off, 3pl.pres.),[2] Old Armenian առոգեմ (aṙogem), Ancient Greek ῥέω (rhéō), Lithuanian sravė́ti.



स्रवति (srávati) (root स्रु, class 1 P)[3]

  1. to flow, stream
  2. to leak, drip
  3. to perish, fail
  4. to issue, arise [+accusative = from]
  5. (finance) to accrue


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