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  • (Vedic) IPA(key): /ɦɐ́.ɽɐ.t̪i/
  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈɦɐ.ɽɐ.t̪i/
  • Verb[edit]

    हरति (hárati) (root हृ, class 1 P)

    1. to take, bear, carry in or on (with instrumental), carry, convey, fetch, bring
    2. to offer, present
    3. to take away, carry off, seize, deprive of, steal, rob
    4. to shoot or cut or hew off, sever (the head or a limb)
    5. to remove, destroy, dispel, frustrate, annihilate
    6. to turn away, avert (the face)
    7. to take to oneself, appropriate (in a legitimate way), come into possession of (+ accusative), receive (as an heir), raise (tribute), marry (a girl)
    8. to master, overpower, subdue, conquer, win, win over (also by bribing)
    9. to outdo, eclipse, surpass
    10. to enrapture, charm, fascinate
    11. to withhold, withdraw, keep back, retain
    12. to protract, delay
    13. (arithmetic) to divide
    14. to have taken from oneself, be deprived of, lose
    15. to lose (at play)
    16. to wish to gain time