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Northern Thai[edit]


From Proto-Tai *plaːᴬ (fish). Cognate with Thai ปลา (bplaa), Isan ปา, Lao ປາ (), ᦔᦱ (ṗaa), Tai Dam ꪜꪱ, Shan ပႃ (pǎa), Tai Nüa ᥙᥣ (paa), Ahom 𑜆𑜠 (pa) or 𑜆𑜡 (), Zhuang bya, Bouyei byal, Saek ปร๋า. Compare Proto-Hlai *hlaː (fish) (whence ɗaː¹ ~ ɬaː¹ across different lects), Lakkia phla⁵¹, Proto-Be *ɓaːᴬ¹ (whence ɓa¹ in modern lects).


ᨸᩖᩣ (pa)

  1. fish