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bya (plural bya)

  1. Abbreviation of billion years ago. (Preceded by a numeral.)
    Coordinate terms: kya, mya
    Alternative forms: Bya, BYA
    • 2015, Joyce A. Quinn, Susan L. Woodward, “Introduction”, in Earth's Landscape: An Encyclopedia of the World's Geographic Features, volumes I: A–L, Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, →ISBN, page xxxi:
      The first (oldest) unit of time is the Precambrian Supereon, which covers much of Earth's history from its origins roughly 4.55 bya to 545 mya. Very primitive, one-celled life-forms arose as early as 4.0 bya and near the end of the era (570 mya) the oldest known fossils of multi-celled organisms appear.




  1. The hiragana syllable びゃ (bya) or the katakana syllable ビャ (bya) in Hepburn romanization.

Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


bya f (definite singular bya, indefinite plural byer or byor, definite plural byene or byone)

  1. definite singular of bye
  2. (pre-2012) alternative form of bye



Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Tai *praːᴬ (stone mountain).

Cognate with Thai ผา (pǎa), Lao ຜາ (phā), Tai Nüa ᥚᥣᥴ (pháa).


bya (Sawndip forms or 𡵟 or 𰎕 or 𥑁 or ⿱山哉, 1957–1982 spelling bya)

  1. hill or mountain, especially one in karst terrain
    bya sanghigh hill
  • Chinese: ()
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Etymology 2[edit]

From Proto-Tai *plaːᴬ (fish).

Cognate with Thai ปลา (bplaa), Northern Thai ᨸᩖᩣ, Isan ปา, Lao ປາ (), ᦔᦱ (ṗaa), Tai Dam ꪜꪱ, Shan ပႃ (pǎa), Tai Nüa ᥙᥣ (paa), Ahom 𑜆𑜠 (pa) or 𑜆𑜡 (), Bouyei byal, Saek ปร๋า.

Compare Proto-Hlai *hlaː (fish) (whence ɗaː¹ ~ ɬaː¹ across different lects), Lakkia phla⁵¹, Proto-Be *ɓaːᴬ¹ (whence ɓa¹ in modern lects).


bya (classifier duz, Sawndip forms or 𮫻 or 𱆦 or ⿰氵岜 or 𩵒 or or 𣲩, 1957–1982 spelling bya)

  1. fish
    Synonym: duzbya
    haj duz byafive fish
Derived terms[edit]