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Alternative forms[edit]


YBA (plural YBAs)

  1. Initialism of Young British Artist.
    • 2001, Alistair Hicks, ‎Mary Findlay, ‎Friedhelm Hütte, Art works: British and German contemporary art 1960-2000 (page 149)
      Clarity of purpose was never a YBA trademark, yet the only serious challenge to Hirst's leadership has come from someone who expresses her incoherence rather more lucidly than Hirst.
    • 2002, Kent Logan, ‎The Logan Collection (page 15)
      Interestingly, the first work by a YBA (Young British Artist) to enter the collection was purchased from d'Offay []
    • 2011, Ben Lewis, The Observer, 10 July:
      The YBAs created a new and accessible fusion of pop and conceptualism that had the distinctively British feel of an indie band.
    • 2015, Dominic Sandbrook, The Great British Dream Factory, Penguin 2016, p. 110:
      To their critics, the YBAs, with their emphasis on sex, sensationalism and shock tactics, were doing little more than copying the tactics of the ad agencies.