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  1. nominalizer, the one(s) that
  2. the particular...
    tʼááłáʼí góneʼfirst
    tʼááłáʼí góneʼígíí — the first (one)
    naaki góneʼsecond
    naaki góneʼígíí — the second (one)

Usage notes[edit]

Similar to the -ing suffix in English, the -ígíí suffix attached to a verb means "the doing of [verb]", or "the one(s) that does/do the [verb]", "those that are/were the [verb]". Suffixed to a noun, it is often used like a definite article, indicating a particular one.

Thus naaʼnaʼ (he/she/it crawls about) + -ígíí ("-ing") produces naa´na´ígíí ("[the act of] crawling about").

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