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From earlier -ac-, from Italian -accio. (Compare Esperanto -aĉ-)



  1. Used to add a pejorative meaning, expressing a very low quality, nuance of despise, antipathy, disgust or repugnance, etc.
    kavalo (horse) + ‎-ach- → ‎kavalacho (nag; a horse of low or bad quality)
    populo (a people, population) + ‎-ach- → ‎populacho (rabble, riffraff; a blunt and badly led people)
    bela (beautiful) + ‎-ach- → ‎belacho (insipid beauty, inexpressive, has no charm)
    dolca (sweet) + ‎-ach- → ‎dolcacha (tasteless, flavorless, flat (of persons and things))
    bravo (a brave person) + ‎-ach- → ‎bravacho (swaggerer, blusterer, false braveness)
    papero (paper) + ‎-ach- → ‎paperacho (useless paper, invaluable)

Derived terms[edit]