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cheeked (not comparable)

  1. (usually in combination) Having some specific type of cheek.
    • 1599, Thomas Dekker, edited by Oliphant Smeaton, Old Fortunatus[1], London: J.M. Dent, published 1904, act IV, scene I, page 89:
      Oh here be rare apples, red-cheeked apples that cry come kiss me: apples, hold your peace, I'll teach you to cry. [Eats one.
    • 1771, Miguel de Cervantes, The History of the Renowned Don Quixote de la Mancha, translators not credited, London: W. Cowper, Vol. III, p. 87, [2]
      [] and perceiving her to be no more than a plain country-wench, so far from being well-favoured, that she was blubber-cheeked, and flat-nosed, he was lost in astonishment, and could not utter a word.
    • 1879, Robert Louis Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes, New York: Century, published 1907, page 146:
      I pictured to myself some grizzled, apple-cheeked, country schoolmaster fluting in his bit of garden in the clear autumn sunshine.
    • 1891, Oscar Wilde, “Chapter II”, in The Picture of Dorian Gray, London, New York, N.Y., Melbourne, Vic.: Ward Lock & Co., →OCLC:
      Time is jealous of you, and wars against your lilies and your roses. You will become sallow, and hollow-cheeked, and dull-eyed. You will suffer horribly....
    • 1973, William Buck, transl., Mahabharata, New York: Meridian, published 1993, Part Two, Chapter 6, p. 76:
      Past rivers and hills she went, and met a bushy-cheeked tiger on the path []
    • 1983, Mark Zebrowski, Deccani painting, page 73:
      The earliest painting that can be attributed to his reign is of a plump, rosy-cheeked adolescent wearing a splendid conical turban and a huge emerald necklace.

Derived terms[edit]




  1. simple past and past participle of cheek