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From Arabic يات (-iyyāt), feminine plural of the derivational suffix ي(-iyy), whence Maltese -i. Natively used with nouns in -ija, then probably first extended to Sicilian borrowings in -i and finally also to consonant-final borrowings.




  1. a common plural suffix for nouns
    1. used with native nouns in -ija as well as some borrowings with this ending (most Romance words have -iji instead)
      tfittxija (search)tfittxijiet (searches)
      gawwija (seagull)gawwijiet (seagulls)
    2. used with borrowed nouns in -i or consonants
      impressjoni (impression)impressjonijiet (impressions)
      patt (pact)pattijiet (pacts)
      sptar (hospital)sptarijiet (hospitals)

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