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Old English[edit]


From rōf ‎(number of soldiers, array; fierce). Akin to Old Saxon rōf ‎(numerous, vigorous, strong), Old High German ruob ‎(numerous), ruoba ‎(a number, multitude), Old English ġerēfa ‎(reeve, official). More at sheriff.



  1. suffix meaning full of or like (compare -ful, -ous)
    cwildrōf ‎(fierce, savage, deadly)
    uncamprōf ‎(unwarlike)
    heterōf ‎(full of hate, hateful)
  2. brave, noble, or renowned
    cynerōf ‎(noble, renowned)
    gūþrōf ‎(brave in battle)

Derived terms[edit]