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Borrowing from Ancient Greek τροπικός ‎(tropikós, of or pertaining to a turn or change; or the solstice; or a trope or figure; tropic; tropical; etc.), from τροπή ‎(tropḗ, turn; solstice; trope). Compare trope and tropic.



  1. (sciences) turning or changing
  2. (sciences) affecting or attracted to the thing specified

Usage notes[edit]

Frequently confused with -trophic ‎(growth, development; nutrition), which is instead from Ancient Greek τροφικός ‎(trophikós, pertaining to food or nourishment), from τροφή ‎(trophḗ, food).[1] Compare tropic hormone (drives other glands) and trophic hormone (effects growth) and tropo-/tropho-.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


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