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From James Bond's code number in the series of books by Ian Fleming.


Pronounced as double o seven.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. The fictional MI6 agent James Bond.
    • 1995 November 20, Jet, Johnson Publishing Co., ISSN 0021-5996, Volume 89, Number 2, page 62:
      [] the new Bond also features a new lead actor. Pierce Brosnan has now taken on the role of the legendary 007.
    • 2001 February, Hank Schlesinger, “Spy Secrets of the CIA”, in Popular Science, Times Mirror Magazines, ISSN 0161-7370, Volume 258, Number 2, page 65:
      The fictional gadgets of 007 are entertaining and perhaps even offer inspiration to the secret-gadget makers, but the real thing has to be field-tested, as an agent’s life may depend on it.
    • 2005, Steve Klett et al., “Compact Camera Kerfluffle”, in Maximum PC, Future Network USA (publisher), ISSN 1522-4279, Holiday 2005 issue, page 84:
      If slipping the ultra-compact, ultra-light, ultra-thin Exilim S500 Card Camera into your shirt pocket doesn’t make you feel at least a little bit like 007 on vacation it’s likely no camera ever will.


007 (plural 007s)

  1. A special agent resembling the fictional James Bond in capability, charisma, etc.