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One of the bogies on No.D182, BR no.46045 (Class 46).


1Co-Co1 (plural 1Co-Co1s)

  1. (rail transport) A wheel arrangement for diesel-electric locomotives signifying that a locomotive has eight axles on two bogies, six axles are powered by electric motors, with one outer axle on each bogie unpowered.
    • 1963 January, G. Freeman Allen, “Why B.R. are dropping high-power diesel-hydraulics”, in Modern Railways, page 25:
      Thus, in the diesel-electric Type 4 range, B.R. have progressed from the early 2,000-2,300 h.p. 1Co-Co1s of 130-140 tons to the latest Brush/Sulzer 2,750 h.p. Co-Co of about 114 tons weight; [...].

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