360 no-scope

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360 no-scope (plural 360 no-scopes)

  1. Alternative spelling of 360 noscope
    • 2021, Jennifer Killick, chapter 1, in Crater Lake: Evolution[1], Firefly Press, →ISBN:
      'Die, loser! Die!' Chets' voice screams through my headset as he pulls off a 360 no-scope with the majesty of a leaping panther.
    • 2021 December 3, The Grinch, “The Grinch speaks out: why I stole Christmas”, in InQuire, volume 17, number 6, University of Kent, page 20:
      All I'm saying is, I'll happily take out Santa Claus. Shoot him right out the sky with a 360 no-scope with my Intervention.
    • 2022, Dylan Engelbrecht, “The Messenger Pigeon, Packets, and a Trip Around the World”, in Building Multiplayer Games in Unity[2], Springer, →ISBN:
      So, what happens when you're playing a first-person shooter and the player on the opposing team hits you with a 360 no-scope headshot?