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Blend of 4k and intro. See k (kilobyte).


4ktro (plural 4ktros)

  1. (demoscene) An intro that can be stored in four kilobytes of memory (intended to challenge the programmer, who must write compact and efficient code to achieve this).
    • 1996, Hagen Deike, “InterCon LAST CHANCE”, in fido.ger.ibm (Usenet):
      Win a price[sic] in the 4ktro compo! Win a price in the grafix compo! Win a price in the music compo! Join the Autumn Event in South Germany!
    • 1997, h75h70, “ZShell anyone?”, in rec.games.programmer (Usenet):
      I thought about writing a 4ktro for the TI-83 once, but really the only effects you could do would be rotozoomers, wire vectors, and scrollers.