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Blend of 5 +‎ forever. Wordplay based on upping the "fore" (four) of forever by one, thus implying a period even longer than eternity.


5ever (not comparable)

  1. (Internet slang, humorous) For a very long time; beyond forever.
    • 2013, Grace Prosinewski, "A vigorous defense of the art of relationship shipping", The Michigan Daily (University of Michigan), 17 January 2014, page 5 (image caption):
      Arya and Gendry 5ever
    • 2013, "The Two Tiffs", CrayonBeats Magazine, Issue #2, 20 April 2013, page 3:
      That shit hit me right in the feels man. Totally ruined my life 5ever. FIVE EVER.
    • 2014, "Wills", The Matador (San Gabriel High School, Alhambra, California), Volume 59, Number 9, 21 May 2014, page 23:
      [] and Anthony will be my favorite person 5ever.