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From the @ symbol used in e-mail addresses.


@ party (plural @ parties)

  1. (Internet, historical) An informal private party held as part of a convention, giving Internet users the chance to meet in person.
    • 1992, "Richard L. Butler", An @ party at Balticon, Room 3121, hurrah... (on newsgroup rec.arts.sf.fandom)
      Hi! An @ party will be held in Room 3121 at Balticon on Saturday night, starting at 10 PM and going for an as-yet undetermined while. The @ party is hosted by Digital Express Group, purveyors of that mightiest of refreshments, digital espresso!
    • 1993, "Binky", @ Party? (on newsgroup alt.fandom.cons)
      I've been to a few @ parties- it's very simple. You look at the party board, and show up at the appropriate place and time. Usually/often someone at the door will ask you for your email address (just to make sure you aren't some kind of clueless geek, I guess), and you go on in and meet net.people.