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Alternative forms[edit]


A-flat (plural A-flats)

  1. (music) A tone four fifths below C in the cycle of fifths, intermediate between G and A, denoted A♭.
    The bassoon came in on a low A-flat.
  2. (music) A key or other mechanism for producing an A-flat.
    I had to take it to the shop because the A-flat was stuck.
  3. (music) The key of A-flat major.
    We will now hear the third sonata, in A-flat.

Coordinate terms[edit]

(tones in the 12ET) tones; C♭, C, C♯, D♭, D, D♯, E♭, E, E♯, F♭, F, F♯, G♭, G, G♯, A♭, A, A♯, B♭, B, B♯,